A thousand years ago, in 1068, single lined statments of communication had been written down on parchment to agree the commercial deals between the Viking Norse-men, the Norman invaders, and the City of London. (140 characters )

In 1215 our country, and the world, gained the seeds of constitution communicated within the Magna Carta

In 1381, short-form communications were given to fast horse-men, which raised an army of traders that nearly overthrew a King, which led to the Freedom of Trade a short time after (140 characters )

In 1639. A man imprisoned for what he had written, languished in jail, wrote short-form communications (140 characters ) which were smuggled out to the London Apprentice boys to raise the people up to help him.

The man was set free and London became free. This was the start of the 30 years of Civil War after which we became a prosperous, free talking, free speaking Nation. Britain had arrived, able to gift the World our language.

Steps in Communication, Steps in History, the Historical Steps of 1068, 1215, 1381, Historical Step1639 the final step, Step39.