The company developed MobileIS in 2008 to provide a solution to a particular requirement. That was to process any form of mobile message format into any other file format. Specifically, SMS, MMS to web content - HTML, jpg and .mpg. We decided to make sure that the product could have a future beyond our limited requirements and set criteria. We decided on the standards to be set.

    Operating system agnostic
    Supportive of rapid development by a small team
    Requirement for little or no maintenance
    Enterprise ready - capable of extending messaging products such as IBM’s MQ series and Progress Technology’s SonicMQ

The search for an appropriate technology was conducted without prejudice. This effort had actually beed in gestation for some years beforehand. Many technology choices were researched, tried, tested and rejected. The eventual winner was prolog (SWIProlog). It’s not appropriate to describe the detail of the decision here. This choice lead to a workflow approach designed to meet the needs of a small development team. Fast, accurate and iterative development combining documentation with the development process.


The software has been running with no invasive work since 2008. Since then It has run an Eastern region NHS text messaging service with absolute reliability as well as many other temporary text marketing projects.

Future Markets

The original vision for the product was the intention to tackle the extension of the Enterprise Service Bus in large companies to mobile networks. These values that underpinned this ambition are an integral component of the software. As such it is suited to large scale implementations. A new target has been determined. Amazon Web Services (AWS) have released a product with a feature list broadly similar to MobileIS - Amazon Elastic Transcoder (beta). MobileIS has a track record and is suited to perform well in the market AWS have realised. It is our intention to refine and update MobileIS to join the file transformation party. Our audience is everyone involved in supplying the Cloud services community who is not AWS.