The recent release of the Amazon Web Services Elastic Transcoder (Middleware) shows that there is indeed a need for MobileIS and vindicates our decision at Step39 to build MobileIS. (Middleware). We remain convinced that our choice of Prolog as the implementation language gives us a significant advantage over any comparable product in another technology.

Happily the AWS Elastic Transcoder only provides part of what MobileIS was designed to do. It lacks the ambition and flexibility of MobileIS. We were first, we were and are better. Working within the exciting growth sector, that is London's Tech City, we have the grounding to take huge advantage of our position.

A public precedent has been set by Amazon, and we can demonstrate that we had the vision to predict the commercial value of such services. MobileIS is one of three products Step39 has within its stable, aiming to bring our high standards to the Middleware sector and to assist SME software Enterprises within London's Silicon-Roundabout cluster, the wider Tech City and Internationally.

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