MobileIS places all the functionality required to mobile enable a large business into a single customer installable software package, with all the network infrastructure and support necessary to quickly and reliably achieve this objective.

MobileIS is a mobile phone to web integration product. It bridges the gap between the technology used by mobile phones and that typically used in the World Wide Web.
MobileIS is the only middle-ware technology providing a seamless way of communicating back and forth between the mobile and the enterprise.
It is important to appreciate that this is a technology to technology bridge. Middle-ware is not (and should not) be concerned with how the data is used by an organization or business. MobileIS adheres closely to this principal.

MobileIS provides a flexible set of services which can be utilized by a business that wishes to integrate mobile messaging into its existing IT systems. It is a turn-key solution which combines a mobile gateway contract, with an integration hub enabling a business to quickly incorporate mobile users into their customer base, or increase the technology options for interacting with existing customers.

Without MobileIS a business which wishes to incorporate mobile messaging, would have to directly interact with the gateway between the cellular mobile phone network and the Internet. This is a substantial technical challenge as can be seen by a cursory glance at the feature list for MobileIS. Technical staff would be engaged for months/years in duplicating this functionality rather than concentrating on incorporating mobile messaging into their existing systems.
The MobileIS package:

  • MobielIS installer for common enterprise operating systems.
  • Common interfaces for integration to the enterprise.
  • An any format to format message and data transformation tool including mail, graphics, mobile messages, MQ, database records, etc. etc.
  • A choice of mobile connection options and consultancy.
  • Full documentation regarding configuration and extension.